Well, it’s a new year...

Category: |  Date: January 10, 2022

Do we make resolutions in such a crazy world full of uncertainty?

I meet online with a small group of business women from other states every 2 weeks. We met online today for the first time this year. Our aim is to set our goals, check with each other that they are achievable, set a time limit and check up on each other each time.  I find the accountability very helpful, especially to kickstart the new year.  I don't know about you but I found it hard to know what day it was over the holiday period.

For me, my chief goal at present is getting on top of an ongoing health issue since I had my Booster jab.  I was really ill for a few days, which I am assured is very unusual, especially I had a side effect that is only usually seen in young men.  Not sure what that says about my body, but I am coming good now.

So it is time to get moving with my business in a Covid safe way.  This means masks, sanitiser, distancing etc.  Also, I am going to see in face-to-face people in my garden room because there is lots of fresh air and in the mornings in case we have hot weather. It's a lovely room full of palm trees in pots.

Afternoon appointments will use Zoom. If you want an afternoon appointment, call me because it’s too confusing with the online booking. I’m talking to friends’ interstate to sort out sensible ways to keep working.  The SA limitation of 15 mins to be a close contact makes it so easy to get closed down for 7 days.

Now to be more positive...

Lots of us are carrying extra weight packed on over the past two years.  We’ve been eating and drinking comfort food and getting out and exercising less. This is something I can help with and I certainly “get it’.  I put on 4kg over the two years, and I am only going to my personal trainer once a week.  For long periods we couldn’t go to the gym at all!

I will make a series of videos to help.

I’ve started taking the dog in the car to conservation parks where they are lots more sniffs for her and a lovely environment for me to enjoy.  She is getting used to the car and crying less now the car is not only for going to the vet or to have her hair cut.

I’d love to hear how you are getting on and what your goals are for this year.