Relax and lose weight – that does work

Category: |  Date: March 23, 2021

What I see on Facebook is people in isolation embracing cooking and baking plus others bored and visiting the fridge and the pantry too often. Both of these cause a weight problem.

Personally, I’ve been seriously busy developing some new online programs to help clients. But I have been learning to make sourdough bread with increasing success.

The looming problem of course is that the end of lockdowns may well coincide with summer and we will all have to emerge from those all-enveloping jumpers.

My weight journey through life has been interesting. After the birth of second child I had bad post-natal depression and my weight ballooned to 92kgs. Later I dieted down to around 65kgs. Over the years I yo-yoed up and down until after I left my 3rd abusive husband, I weighed 104 kg!

Now I weigh 71kg without having dieted. What changed was sorting out my stress. Then I lost the weight steadily. It was not fast, but it was steady.

This is why I wrote my new program “Relax and Lose Weight”. This online hypnotherapy and learning has 7 modules which I give you over 6 weeks although you can take as long as you like and go back and re-do sections.
The reason this works so well is that you get a deeper understanding of what is going on in your mind to allow the weight to build up and become a problem.

I explain how the metabolism inherited from our cave people ancestors causes us to insulate ourselves from problems as part of our species survival. Most stressed people respond by insulating themselves in a protective doona of fat.
You get the hypnosis and relaxation downloads plus self-hypnosis training as part of your toolbox for lifelong weight management.
And the added information goes on mulling away in the background.

Relax and Lose Weight is not a quick fix or a band aid; there are no restrictive diets or super fitness regimes: it is a lifelong toolbox giving you learning and training for your mindset.
You lose weight and you keep it off.

At the moment I am only charging $57 per month for 10 months. This is no more than a coffee and a bun each week. To access this special price, you use the coupon “lockdown”