Products to help quit smoking not needed

Category: |  Date: March 23, 2021

Products to help quit smoking are unnecessary. Because nicotine is only addictive for around 2 hours things like patches do not work.  Electronic cigarettes are merely a substitute that does not change your habit and protect you from smoking in the future and adding a chemical, like champix, to help you get rid of a chemical makes no sense if your aim is to improve your health.  Plus the drugs often have harmful side effects including depression.

The most effective way to give up smoking is simply to change what your mind wants to do and this is what I help you with using hypnosis to quit smoking here in Adelaide.

When you come for your appointment to quit smoking with hypnosis in Adelaide we start by simply having a chat. I need to understand

• Why you started smoking,• Why you have not been able to stop,• The benefit if any, that has kept you smoking• The reasons that you want to stop• And anything else you feel is relevant and helpful
We also discuss how your conscious and unconscious minds work together, or sometimes don’t and the difference between doing and trying or simply hoping it will work.

Then you sit in a very comfortable chair, with your feet up, listen to soft music and deeply relax while I talk to you.

This is all about you allowing your conscious and your unconscious minds to cooperate and work together to change your habit and you learning more about techniques that you can take away with you to continue practicing managing your thoughts and feelings.

I record your session send it to you so that you can listen to your hypnosis in your own home as often as you want to and I recommend this nightly for at least a month to consolidate your new habit.