Problems so often start very small

Category: |  Date: July 28, 2021

Have you ever been to the rain forest in Queensland and seen a strangler fig?

A bird drops a fig seed into the top of a tree and the fig starts to grow… with its roots gradually enveloping the living tree and living off it as a parasite. Eventually the fig roots reach the ground and the original tree is fully surrounded and gradually dies.

Sometimes our thoughts, and emotions are like this strangler fig.

The problems start with something that may be quite small and end up totally enveloping you. Things like anger, depression, anxiety, pain can envelop and overwhelm you until your real self is almost dead inside.

The thing is to step away from this… start to observe your thoughts and feelings and see them as just thoughts that are enveloping you. These are not anything real and substantial – only thoughts!

Avoid getting caught up in dramas – again they can be stepped away from.

You can start to become aware of these thoughts and dramas yourself and step away, but if they are too overwhelming give me a call on 1300 88 3646 because I can help you.