OOPS! I really messed this up

Category: , |  Date: September 15, 2021

It is important to correct the typo I made on my website because far too many of us are suffering with underlying anxiety and fear. The thing is that the more we try to avoid fear and anxiety, the more toxic it becomes. It just eats away at us.

When we’re anxious or afraid, a physiological response gets triggered. This is not something we can just turn off. It is not a choice. We may slow this a bit by breathing out slowly, but our nervous system is built to protect us.Our hearts start pounding, our bodies secrete stress chemicals, digestion shuts down, and blood flows to our arms and legs so we can fight – or run away or we may just slow right down, even freeze and become depressed.
Over time, these physical changes damage our body.

Not only that . . .

Fear changes the brain.

The neurophysiology tells us that when we have the same thoughts and reactions over and over again, this becomes a habit.

We get into the habit of fear or worrying.

. . . and when our habits are shaped by fear, we get trapped in a pattern of anger, shame, and judgment.
As a result, our stress levels skyrocket, our relationships suffer, and anxiety abounds and we eventually get ill.
Disease is just that… Dis-ease

I get this. I had PTSD for most of my life. My ex-husband used to say that if I didn’t have something to worry about, I would worry about that. He was right…

… but what a change to the calm and cheerful person I am now.

That is why I created the very effective and cost-effective online course called “Escape from Anxiety”. There is a simple step by step process you work through at home in your own time and call me if you need extra help.

However, I made a crazy typo when I added a page to my website about my online courses. I typed in the $57 were weekly not monthly! The software would only have been charged you monthly but that it not what my website said.
SO let’s fix the OOPS

I am having a half price “I’m Sorry” sale. Until Saturday 25th September “Escape from Anxiety” and also my other course “Relax and Lose Weight” will both be half price. Cut from $57 per month or $460 up front cost to only $28.50 or $230 up front. All you need to do is type in “OOPS” in the coupon to get this discount.

Don’t go on living with the long Covid consequences of fear, anxiety and so often weight gain.

Let’s fix it.
Here are direct links to make it very easy… Just remember you need to type in OOPS to get the 50% price reduction.
Escape from Anxiety https://quitquickadelaide.vipmembervault.com/products/courses/view/1017087/?action=signup
Relax and Lose Weight


We are going to go on living with the uncertainty of this wretched virus even when we reach 80% vaccination rate so it has never been more important to learn to release the underlying issues that make our daily challenges harder.