Margie was able to resolve terrible abuse

Category: |  Date: September 20, 2021

Margie is a professional woman in her 60s suffering from loneliness, dreadful panic attacks and was becoming agoraphobic. She grew up on a British army Base where her father was a non-commissioned officer.

She was raped at aged 8 by 2 teenage boys, the sons of Officers and when she reported this to her parents, little was done about it other than her father being very angry and unable to resolve it.

When the family returned to the UK those older boys had graduated as officers and her father was stationed under their command. An older brother also raped her, which continued for many years. She was frightened to tell her parents saying she was afraid her father would kill her brother.

She divorced in her 40s after finding her husband was bringing other women into her house while she was at work.
Recently she was also having ongoing and increasing bullying by a manager at work. Her family migrated to Australia and her father joined the Australian Army when Margie was a teenager.

I helped her work with her unconscious mind to deal with all the abuse.

When she came back told me that she had written to her brother and had told her mother. She enjoyed planning a confident future.

Stuff no longer rolls through her mind and her anxiety has gone. She has told her mother about the rapes and confronted her brother so that she feels comfortable meeting him now. She is no longer being bullied. She now has 5 boxes in her mind, 1 is very pretty and on a pedestal to put good thoughts in and the other 4 are there so she can put all bad thoughts in them.