Managing your mind... its yours so own it...

Category: |  Date: May 12, 2022

I’m working on building a membership to help people minimise stress by being able to understand and manage your mind.

You can change the way your brain works simply by using your mind differently.  “It’s not me… it‘s my brain and I can change it”.  My brain is a computer and it had been programed by other people. And also by stuff that has happened.

You need to live the life you choose – not what someone else programmed for you.

I‘ve got a lot of work to do here and the name is not yet fixed... if you have suggestions, let me know please.

Im suggesting a a monthly live webinar on zoom which will be recorded so it is available if the times are wrong and 2 weeks later a live Q&A session- also recorded.

I anticipate this new membership being released within the next very few weeks... Before the end of June.

Because I am still working on it and I want input from my members, the initial or foundation group will only be charged $9 per month.  That will be their price for as long as they continue.

The price will increase for later members but not for my foundation group.

I’d love feedback from you all please.  Requests for things that need to be included as well as titles

Also, the times of day and days of the week please. I’m currently thinking it may be a weekday lunchtime, but please give me your feedback.

My business is about helping people to manage their mind and overcome problems and we can do this in a group for a very low cost.  Yes, I do want to continue seeing clients one-to-one in my clinic and also to build and online group to help more people.