Managing everyday anxiety

Category: |  Date: October 11, 2021

Some anxiety is essential. It is an evolutionary protective mechanism that all animals have. The anxious nervous energy is built in to protect you from potential predators—but in this day and age, anxiety tends to feel less than protective, sometimes even debilitating.

There is so much anxiety in almost everyone’s life right now that we can’t concentrate on the difference between what we need to be aware of and what is simply not helpful.

We can turn anxiety down by taking a deep breath, holing it, then letting it out slowly. The slow breathing out activates your vagus nerve which can calm anxiety down.

Another very helpful thing is physical activity. There are multiple studies that show that a well activated brain can help manage anxiety and depression. Simply standing up and walking around can help without needing to go for an active hike or a cardio workout.

It is also worth looking at what you are anxious about. Is this telling you anything useful. What can you change to calm these feelings?

Some people do have trouble calming their anxiety, they are hyper vigilant and always watching for problems. PTSD sufferers are in this group. I suffered from PTSD for most of my life, and my former husband used to tell me that if I didn’t have anything to worry about I would worry about that too. This needs to be treated.

My face-to-face anxiety hypnotherapy is very effective to help this group. I use the same process that I used to heal my own PTSD. The very big difference between how I work with clients is that I do NOT go back over the past traumas. If you’ve already lived through them, you do NOT need to go over them again and again in the hope this will dull the pain down in time. It usually doesn’t and it retraumatises every visit.

I help you to move away from the feeling you have now and to build a deeper understanding of how these feeling related to the beliefs and habits you have learned so that you can get rid of the negative and harmful and move on into the future.

You never fully forget trauma, instead what happens is that you take out the pain so that it simply becomes something that happened with no pain any more. You move on to be the stronger happier person you were always meant to be.
I have a lower cost version of this which you can learn more about in Escape from Anxiety.

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