Making sense of uncertainty

Category: |  Date: December 2, 2021

If we don’t make sense of uncertainty our lives become increasingly stressful, which is why anxiety and other mental health issues are increasingly common.

While life is and always has been uncertain, the virus has increased the uncertainty in our lives and it has brought with it so many extra controls and imposed changes which most humans do not like. We have been very lucky in South Australia, but we have certainly felt the impact in many ways.

We had to hire a venue for my grandson's 18th party, even with only family because our family is too big to host at home... just one extra cost and last minute change. I'm not going to my niece's wedding this weekend in NSW because of the uncertainty of getting home with two animals to care for and a business to run.  It's all just the way it is now.

Personally I find wearing a mask difficult, partly because it definitely decreases my breathing and also because it is very alienating. It is very difficult to build trust when facial expressions are covered. I find the disposable paper-like masks easier to breathe in than the cloth ones.

I have concerns about the social development of small children when facial expressions are masked. This is important but does not appear to be considered by the powers that be.

Small businesses are facing dreadful financial pressure with ongoing uncertainty.  In my opinion getting back to living normally with the virus but also high levels of vaccination seems sensible. Let’s hope so. 

I’m off to get my booster jab in a few minutes. This makes sense because I want to keep doing the work that I know helps so many people. I would also like to have more people using my online options because, as my kids keep reminding me, I am in a vulnerable age group.  Vaccination decreases the severity of the illness if we get it.

My choice is to live my life, keep as healthy as possible and keep my mind active.  My dog insists on keeping my body active. I am required to walk every day, regardless of weather. I also see a personal trainer every week, do strength exercises at home and eat well. 

So what are YOU doing to include certainty in your life?

Each in our own way we need to make sense of uncertainty because it is here to stay.  Life has always been uncertain, there are just more controls and publicity about it.

I’m attaching a relaxation recording for you to download, save, and take time to enjoy it as often as you want.

P.S. The cat is grumpy this week because she likes to sit on my desk beside me while I am working on my computer (she hides when I have clients).  Now I am not doing daily videos and newsletters she is unhappy and letting me know.