Life can be crazy

Category: |  Date: March 10, 2022

Life can be, and often is crazy.  It certainly is at present.

After the last two years of Covid we took a collective deep breath and looked forward to 2022... Humm, how did that work out?  We got massive floods in eastern Australia and now a war in Europe! Plus a lot of people we all know and love have died. We can never eliminate risk, but there are some risks we can reduce. 

I am not being insensitive but when I think of Shane Warne, still young and possessed of amazing energy, skill and charisma being a heavy smoker...  lost now because of the risk of smoking.  What a dreadful loss he is.

My father was also a heavy smoker for most of his life.  He had a heart attack in his 30s, kept smoking until just over 60 when he finally quit. Then he died of a massive heart attack at just over 70.

Floods are another dreadful risk when people build on low lying land.  I remember living in in far North Qld in 1967 and being completely flood bound about 50cms above a still rising creek that had swelled to about half a km wide and many metres above its normal level.  We had no power; the phone lines did not exist.  The only road out was closed. Trees were falling around us all night. We had over a metre of rain in one day. That was a different experience.

I had a 6-day old baby.  When we were able to get into town, the approaches on both sides of the river had washed away and I had to walk a plank above a raging torrent, holding onto a rope in one hand and my baby in the other to get to the hospital for some medical treatment.

Sudden changes in world politics muck up our budgets, especially for those either running or working in small and medium businesses.  The same applies to those affected by floods and fires.  It’s wonderful to see so many people hoeing in to help each other.

There are so many risks, and we are not clear of viruses yet.

We just need to keep assessing risks.  We need to weigh up both the likelihood and the consequence of what we do and where we live.  I am so grateful that I live in Adelaide now and I have family nearby.

If you are a smoker, perhaps it’s time to think about Shane Warne.  I’m adding a direct link below if you are thinking about quitting. Plus, in memory of Shane, I am giving a $200 discount to anyone who books this week or next.