It’s time to move on

Category: |  Date: January 27, 2022

This week we celebrated Australia Day and Aussies get back to as near normal as possible. Our favourite TV shows are starting up again, schools are getting ready to restart, families are home from the holidays.  This is our annual pattern.

I’m thrilled that Dylan Alcott is Australian of the Year.  This clearly shows that as a society we are moving on with accepting disabilities.

As a very small child I had Rickets which has meant that I have never had a normal bone density.  I wore callipers to my waist until I was 5 and one of my most vivid memories is of a group of older kids walking past our house, seeing me in the garden and yelling out things about ‘iron legs’.

Mum told me to go inside and never let people see me, we have no photos of me during those years, she never came to my sports days to see me valiantly completing every race, totally last but she went to all my bothers’ sports days. That was a long time ago, I’ve broken many bones but it has taken many years for me to move on, overcome that mindset of shame and feel comfortable in public using my walker.

Dylan and the people who selected him as Australian of the Year have shown that it is NOT shameful to be disabled. Well done!!!!!

We are moving on from the summer break and the last 2 years. This year is following a more normal pattern than the last two years with the borders opening and acceptance of life with the virus. 

Most people have chosen to be vaccinated to reduce their risk of severe illness. I am happy to have had all 3 jabs, even though I had a severe and prolonged reaction to the booster.  

For me vaccination is simply a risk management matter. I’m in a high-risk age group so protection makes sense especially as I do not want to hide and limit my life. I’m not sure I agree with compulsion but that’s just a personal feeling. I think I’ve always been slightly rebellious.

My clinic is now open in my airy palm filled garden room. Most appointments will be in the mornings when it is cooler.  If you are only available pm, these appointments should be on zoom unless it is a cool day. 

Yes, the horrid masks are needed. Please make sure you postpone or come on Zoom if you have respiratory symptoms.

I believe that we will need to live with this virus for years now and it is time to work out how we move on with our lives because it is very unhealthy to become isolated from human companionship.

Our unconscious minds control how we have coped with all the changes of the last 2 years.  The big thing is to stop and look at the fear that is being generated by politicians, health departments and especially the sensation loving press. It is time to move on, assess your risks of catching the virus and the risk of severity then dump the fear and choose the life you want. If your fear is too great, get in touch because I can help. It's not shameful to be suffering from anxiety after 2 years of pandemic, or any other time.

I am also giving you a heads up that I am working on a new program called Memories, Mindset and Moving On.  It is a self-help membership that is fundamental to overcoming stress and anxiety so that we learn how to understand how our early lives and our ongoing memories affect our mindset and how we can move on despite what may have happened in the past.