It’s tidying the odd jobs time

Category: |  Date: February 3, 2022

I’m listening to my daughters busily buying yet more shoes for the start of the school year and looking at what jobs I need to do as well. It is amazing how fast kids feet grow!

My list includes the usual annual immunization jabs for both the dog and the cat, the dog (a toy poodle) needs her hair cut because she looks like a wooly bear, and I need mine cut as well.  I’ve also been looking at my accounts and my hard drive and making sure they are tidy and organised halfway through the financial year. Plus, I have been making visits to the dentist.  Hopefully the last dental visit today.

What do you need to sort out ready for the year ahead?  I’ve decided I am going to make my new year calmer and more productive than the last two.

I received a lovely email message today telling me I am one of the 10 most popular health and fitness services in the Eastern suburbs.

Yes, I work with people both online, using Zoom, and in my clinic.  And I also offer two online courses that provide step by step modules for people who for what ever reason can’t do a one-on-one session.  These are also lower priced, and I do offer a hybrid structure in the VIP courses that add two discounted one-on-one sessions as well as the modules.

The purpose that keeps me working as I get older is to help more people to discover the amazing transformation that can happen when you learn to take control of your unconscious mind instead of just following those programs you were taught from your earliest childhood.

Memory is a strange thing because it is changed every time you open it.  Most of your memories are held in your pre fontal cortex (behind your forehead) but that memory is not static, and any traumatic memories are held in your body, not stored in your brain often not even verbalised.  They are held as feelings. 

This is a very interesting area and the way our memories affect our mindsets and outlook on life can be very profound, but you can change.  This is what I help people with.  Its very simple... I help people to change their mind to what they choose instead.

If you have things that you want to change, just come and see me, phone or email, or book a discovery consultation which is free.