It’s really about making a decision

Category: |  Date: March 23, 2021

Making a change in your life is really about making a decision. A real decision. Some changes are big and others small. A lot of small decisions are what add up to achieve a big change.Today was one of those days. I woke up late and I knew I had an appointment with my personal trainer at 9am. I got there and it was great. I came back energised and ready for today. Since then, I have done a large number of the things on my list and it is still morning.

Just do it! It feels good when you get moving.

I needed to spend 6 weeks sitting down with my leg elevated and doing much less exercise than usual after knee surgery. There are 10 days to go. Being sedentary if not part of my make up and it has been frustrating. My knee lets me know when I break out and do too much.

The problem is that just sitting in front of TV and having a late start, then and early lunch has become a bit of a habit over almost 6 weeks. Now I need to make the changes and get moving safely. I have booked an extra training session each week now, so all is well.

So what are your frustrations? What changes do you need to make? Importantly what are you doing about the changes you need.

2020 was a different year where we have faced so many restrictions and changes of habits and it is time to decide what we want in 2021. OK we still have limits but it is time now to look at what needs to change and can change within the weird restrictions, then make a decision.

Plan to more forward safely in 2021. Change those habits that you want to change. If you need help just ask. Often we have unconscious blocks that get in the way but we can shift them and my special skill is helping in this area.
Take care, make your decisions and just get moving.