It’s over, I’m so glad and grateful

Category: |  Date: June 17, 2021

Yesterday I had my second Astro Zeneca vaccine jab. I feel an enormous sense of relief because I am in an older age group and have no desire to restrict my life. I’m so glad and grateful.

Like everyone, I have found the past 18 months to be quite a challenge. At the start I became very depressed until I caught myself and decided to treat myself as if I was a client.

This worked, as it does for everyone who really wants it to work. To make a change, we need a success pathway to take you from what you are feeling now to where you want to be. And once we work this out, I am here to help you.

I have had thin bones all my life, wore calipers up to my waist until I was 5 and now, unsurprisingly I have osteoporosis. When I broke my back the latest time (the 4th vertebra that collapsed), they gave me an injection that has to be repeated every 6 months. This time I had a huge adverse reaction and was concerned about adding the AZ, but it was all good!

I know I’m ok now and can safely continue my work. Yes, I have some physical limits that in fact help me to empathise with client issues. And I’ve learned to be good at dealing with pain using self-hypnosis.

I love my work as a hypnotherapist, working in three main areas, anxiety and trauma therapy, weight loss and quit smoking. This means I have been working closely with clients right through the pandemic.

At the start, while we were locked down, I worked online using Zoom and also developed two new online therapy programs that are very cost effective. Only $59 per month for 12 months or $640 upfront compared with $1500 for one-on-one hypnotherapy in the clinic. And yes, you can choose to do a combination by adding a face-to-face session to the online therapy program.

If you, or someone you know wants to learn more about how I can help you, please book in for complimentary discovery consultation.