Its finally here, new clear and simple

Category: |  Date: November 11, 2021

My work and my motivation is about helping people... not about me but...

... Over the past year lots of people have been contacting me frustrated by the booking process on my website. I know the help I give people who are anxious, depressed, angry or frustrated is needed more than ever since Covid arrived so it was time to fix my web problem.

When I updated the website a year ago, I liked the simplicity of the 3 heads for the three areas of work, but the site didn’t work for clients trying to navigate nor for me wanting to make changes.

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try or struggle, nothing good ever happens for you?  The whole Covid plus Website sagas have felt like that for me. I realised I was beginning to get into the habit of frustration, so I bit the bullet and decided to get another entirely new website... check it out here.  This took 3 months to build so I am pushing it now. 

Back to the habit of frustration, and it is a habit that you can break.  There will always be “stuff” that happens and disharmony all around, but your job is to stop letting it get into a negative thought loop.

In past years, before I sorted out and healed my PTSD, I used to feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Everything always went wrong.  That was then. I realised it was all in my head and I was able to sort it out and live the happy and effective life that I live now.

This thing is to think clearly and very honestly about where you are now, why you are frustrated.  Then its time to work out why and how these mindsets and unconscious beliefs happened so that you can change them.

This is essentially how I work with clients. Whether it is frustration, grief, depression, anxiety or addiction, the process is essentially the same. 

My aim is to provide lots of helpful information free to help people who struggle as I used to. For those who want my paid help, yes please, just book in and ask.