It was what happened because I was not in control

Category: |  Date: May 18, 2021

For so many years I had a typical yoyo journey with my weight. I fluctuated between 65 and 105 kgs depending on the stress levels in life. I had 3 children close together, was divorced 3 times and moved house too often and retrained for several different careers.

Once I became a hypnotherapist, i realised that I was not in control. My unconscious mind was insulating me against the world and every time I lost weight, my body reacted as though there had been a famine I need to be protected from and put on more weight than I had before.

For several years not I have fluctuated gently between 71 and 73kg and clothes from 40 years ago fit well.
I feel so much healthier and I eat whatever I want.

Life is good.
I am in control