Is there more of you since lockdown ?

Category: |  Date: March 19, 2021

During the lockdowns, people were totally out of routine. Many people were home and with time on their hands of extra people to feed. The result for many was to increase existing weight issues.

We also often look at glossy magazines and other media where we see people who are young and genetically gifted with beautiful bodies. There is an unfortunate tendency to compare ourselves to these people at times. We also look at those people in the media who have different budgets to us, home gyms and personal trainers.

Do not even begin to look at those who resort to surgery to reshape their bodies. All surgery is potentially harmful.
We need to accept and love ourselves as we are. We are all different and we are designed that way.
It’s time to share my weight history.

It’s time to share my weight history.

When I was in my late teens and early 20s I weighed around 67Kgs. In the following years my weight changed a lot while I had 3 children. My second child is only 14 months younger than the first one. I was home on my own with a small baby, a kitchen and pregnant again.

My husband was an early version of a FIFO worker only drive in drive out and I was teaching myself to cook then eating it all. I was huge when Baby 2 arrived and much to my disappointment it did not all come off. She was a big baby but most of that weight was actually me!

In my mid 30s and 40s when I was training as a competitive swimmer in Masters’ swimming, I weighed 65-67 kgs again.

But later, when I was in a highly stressful situation, my weight went up to just over 100kg.

Over time this came down to around 95 kg where it stayed for several years until I started working on my mindset. I lost 14kg and for the past few years I have remained between 70 and 72kg.

I sometimes think it would be “nice” to go back to 67kg but I know my body is comfortable between 70-72kg so I just relax.

I weigh myself roughly monthly if I remember and I remain around the same weight. In my 70s I do not do excessive exercise although my toy poodle dog likes a walk (not a hike) each day and I go to a personal trainer twice a week for balance and strength work.

During the 2020 Covid shut down the personal training needed to stop but my weight stayed the same. I did lose some fitness.

The thing is that I have changed my mindset. I am very relaxed about my weight because I trust my body to let me know when it needs changes.

I want to share what I learned from my weight loss journey while making it easy for you.

I have written a very different new program that included Hypnotherapy and some training to give you a deeper understanding of what is going on in your mind to allow the weight to build up and become a problem.

This explains how the wonderful metabolism that we developed over millennia from our cave people ancestors causes us to insulate ourselves from problems as a major part of our species survival.

You get the same hypnosis downloads that you would have had in clinic if you had come for face to face hypnotherapy as well as all the extra information and training, including self-hypnosis training, to give you a lifelong toolbox that goes on mulling away in the background allowing you to put your weight into autopilot as mine is now.

Your weight will come off steadily and stabilise to suit your body and lifestyle and life stage.

This can be paid easily using PayPal over 10 months to keep the cost manageable, it is less than half the price of the face to face hypnotherapy in clinic ($1500) as well as giving you so much more. This is real and effective therapy.