In today's crazy world, how is your health?

Category: |  Date: April 27, 2022

How is your health? It’s worth being honest about it. So many of us are “out of sorts” and overwhelmed with the world not going back to whatever “normal” is meant to be. 

So much of our health is bound up in our mindset. Our mind and our body are very connected and changing our mind can have huge effects on our health.  Changing the way our memories affect our mindset also affects our health profoundly for many people.

When I reflect back over the 6 months or so before I had my Pfizer booster, I realise I was overwhelmed by a lot of both physical and emotional stuff, and I now think that this may well have exacerbated the over strong reaction I had to the vaccine. 

It’s important to understand that we can manage our stress levels, and this has a huge effect on our health.  Some of the illnesses that are increasingly common now is the wide variety of autoimmune diseases and I have had the attached video made to help you “get” this. 

It really helps us when we understand more about helping our bodies with immunity so as well as my original training which included immunology, I have just completed two extra courses about this topic including the very substantial “Psychotherapy of Immunity”.  These both focussed on how we can use out minds to help our bodies increase our immunity and prevent autoimmune problems.

As a side benefit, I have been using some of this additional training to add to the self-hypnosis I have already been doing where I am talking to my heart to help settle it down and this is certainly helping.

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