I would love your help please

Category: , , |  Date: October 8, 2021

If I were to offer low-cost online support for people wanting help or just advice with mindset, personal and emotional issues, what do you want to ask for?

Some things that come to mind are
• anger,
• joint pain
• any pain
• addictions
• poor concentration
• procrastination
• flashbacks
• poor sleep
• withdrawing and/or becoming housebound
• easily triggered
• phobias
• fear
• managing weight,

Just copy and paste this list, tick things you think are helpful and add any others.

The thing that has always, right from childhood, fascinated me most is why things are like they are, how they work, and most importantly how you can change it. With mindset problems and even memories we can reframe things to change them.

In my hypnotherapy practice I ask people to tell me what feelings they want to move away from. These flag “why” things in their life are like they are and when you combine that with a bit of simple history of what has happened in your life, the why tells you what dud software those life incidents taught you. (that’s assuming your brain is a computer run by software)

Children who were abused learn that they don’t matter, they can just be used whether they like it or not and that continues through their lives.

I saw a lovely client who found that he was always insecure in his relationships, leading to him becoming clingy. His history was that because his sister was seriously ill and needed to be in hospital hundreds of miles away, he went to live with his grandparents. As a small child he learned that he had been abandoned because he was not as important as his sister.

There are so many other examples. In our present crazy world, kids and adults are learning that the world is a dangerous place so we need to be locked up and masked.

I’d love to be able to help more people get to the root cause of their problems so that they can manage their minds better and I know that coming to me for face-to-face hypnotherapy is expensive and that’s why I have now signed up for Afterpay to spread this cost and I have also provided 2 courses… “Escape from Anxiety” and “Relax and Lose Weight”.

I also understand that lots of people feel insecure about telling someone their deepest fears and problems, and I do keep this private. When you see me write about clients’ stories, I use other names to prevent identifying them.

I am hoping to provide a safe way to explore these issues to help yourself without sharing your deepest secrets. If this is interesting, please send me your feedback.

I feel that an extra online support package may be helpful and I’m asking for your feedback.