I freak out, waking up shouting ‘No!

Category: |  Date: September 24, 2021

This is the real problem a client came to me with. He had phoned and asked about getting help to quit, then decided he could do it himself

‘Things are different now from the last time when we spoke. I had actually quit smoking for the past six months (Since March 2021).

I went cold turkey and I’m gaining weight as side effects due to cravings.
My worry is more on the “relapse” than my recent weight gain.
I sometimes get dreams that I’m lighting a cigarette and I freak out waking up shouting “No!”
I need your help in tackling the fear of getting back to my old routine and old habit.

He said…"I need a surety mindset of never going back. I need that confidence to be built up when I face my old friends.
Let me know how can we go about this?”

The thing is that unless you change your unconscious mind, you stand a strong chance of going back to your habit. And like this gentleman, you replace the habit of putting a cigarette in your mouth with the new habit of using extra food instead.

I help people to relax, let their conscious mind drift off while I talk to their unconscious mind and help them to change their habit.

The habit of putting comfort into your mouth is very strong because it started as soon as you were born, perhaps even before as scans show many babies sucking their thumbs before they are born.
Quit smoking with hypnosis works. I have helped over 600 people to quit successfully, mostly in a single session. If you do need a follow up session it is free.