I can help you to quit smoking

Category: |  Date: April 15, 2021

I am an experienced hypnotherapist who has been helping people to quit problems for over 12 years. I have helped close to 700 people quit smoking successfully, mostly in a single session. Let me help you. It will work either in my clinic or online.

Over 90% of our behaviour is controlled by our unconscious mind. Most of this is what we learned as we grew up and it might not be working as effectively as it did when we first learned it. Smoking is definitely an example of this and your problems times may well be associated with alcohol and socialising as you did when the teenager you used to be took up the habit.

People tell me that smoking relaxes them, but in fact nicotine increases anxiety. what calms them is breathing in deeply, holding it, then breathing out slowly several times. They are actually using the same breathing they would normally use in meditation. So they are meditating with poison.