How do you handle it?

Category: |  Date: March 17, 2022

Around three quarters of my clients come to me complaining about stress.  You and I alike all come across stress in our lives so the issue is – how do you handle it?

One major cause of stress is feeling out of control. Generally we don’t like that.  This may be bullying, too much work, too much noise, a continually ringing phone, lack of sleep, a job you dislike, an accident or even an assault.

Stop and think about what can be done to reduce your stress or change your situation and make the change if this is possible. There has been a lot of external control over the last two years.

If it is not possible to change things, at least in the short term, ask yourself whether you can reframe the way you think and the things you say to yourself so that you can cope until change becomes possible. 

Look critically at whether you procrastinate because getting things completed or finishing faster may let you reduce your stress.

Observe your mind chatter to see whether you are bullying yourself, abusing yourself if you make a mistake.  Would you speak to your best friend the way you speak to yourself?

In some people this day-to-day stress may be on top of something that happened many years ago but is still very current in your mind.  If you have regular thoughts running over and over in your mind and/or nightmares this is a real indication that you need help.

Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs does not remove the problem, nor do antidepressants.  There is a very gentle, rapid and extremely effective hypnotic process that lets you pull the fuse out of the stress, know it is over and return to calm.

If you let the high stress levels continue, you will become ill because when your body cannot fight back against the situation, it fights itself.

If you are coping with long term stress caused by a traumatic event or events or continual high levels of stress, then please come and get help.  It truly transforms people and can also transform your life!