How do you cope with frustration?

Category: |  Date: October 14, 2021

My current frustration is yet another a missing parcel.

What is it with Australia Post? My compostable coffee pods have gone awol. Last week I got an email saying they had been picked up and I could expect them between 12th and 16th. Today I got another notification saying they will be delivered between 19th and the 22nd.

We all get frustrated when things don’t go to plan and we waste hours tracking lost things. Australia Post do mystify me. I have had 4 parcels now thrown over the back fence. Another was delivered to the wrong street. It’s frustrating!
I recognise that Melbourne is in chaos so I choosing to laugh at my frustration.

The thing is to stay calm and work out how we cope with this and how our frustration affects those around us. We need to be sure this does not exhibit itself as anger that blasts other people.

If we allow ourselves to get too reactive and wound up when we phone the couriers it simply doesn’t help. I am very mildly deaf and have major trouble understanding what people in overseas call centres are saying and I need to ask them to speak slowly. One gentleman was offended by this and hung up so I needed to go through the process again.
So how do we cope? First we need to realise that the people we are approaching are all doing their job and may be coping with their own issues. They may be frustrated by all their own issues and feel that our difficulty with their accents is a form of racism.

I choose to breathe out, leave my desk and make a cup of tea, not coffee sorry, before making another tracking attempt. I try to remember that as a child I loved treasure hunts so I decide this is just another treasure hunt and forget I am an adult in a hurry.

For people who are already stressed and anxious, additional frustration can easily cause an over reaction. The thing is to ask for help to get rid of the original frustration. If you or a friend finds unexpected frustration just one thing too many, just give me a call because I can help you to lower your anxiety level.