How can YOU work with your unconscious mind?

Category: |  Date: September 20, 2021

So often we get overwhelmed, by all the things that we have no control over. What is important is to work out how it happens so you can avoid it in future and how to cope with it.

Working directly with your unconscious mind is the quickest and easiest way to help yourself.

All you need is to JUST IMAGINE so that your unconscious mind understands that:
The problem is over

You are safe

YOU were the one with the power to make the change.

The thing is that when you just imagine and you get right into an imaginary scene in an emotional way, your brain can’t tell the difference between this and reality.

MRI scans of people remembering and also imagining strongly show the same parts of the brain are active.

When you “Just Imagine” you can rewrite your past to change the software in your brain and to defuse that memory.

You can rewrite how you react to a bully or an abuser so then they no longer have any power over you.

If you wake after a nightmare, before you wake up fully, just tell yourself firmly that “that was the wrong ending” and re-write the end so it is helpful to you.

Correcting a nightmare is very important for those people who suffer from stress and trauma related nightmares and flashbacks… although you probably need to call me for help if this happens often.

Remembering in the future sounds weird but elite sports people use this all the time…

Just watch a rugby player going for the kick to convert a try… He has kicked that ball right between the posts long before his foot touches the ball.

Sometimes people feel trapped by the situation they are in, like being strangled in lots of vines and problems?
If you feel trapped and strangled why don’t you try to imagine finding a knife in your pocket and hacking yourself out of those vines, perhaps even piling them up and burning them once you are safety out.
The idea is for YOU to take control and overcome problems.

Ask me for help if you need it – don’t hesitate because you get your life back when you defeat problems.