Fixing Jim's Mystery Vomiting

Category: |  Date: November 11, 2021

Jim was a very athletic man who played a lot of sport and ran every day for fitness. One day he vomited before a basketball match. After that he started vomiting before all exercise, every run and every basketball match.  He’d had lots of medical tests and there was no reason for this. He was told it was psychosomatic.

When we discussed this, he remembered that he had been ill around the time of the basketball finals, and he thought that was when it started.

Hypnotherapy convinced his unconscious mind that he no longer needed to vomit before exercise and although he consciously worried about it, next time he ran, he did not vomit.  Same thing for the next basketball match.  The vomiting was just a habit.

The fact is that your unconscious mind is 90+% of your mind and it is the boss, so when you change your unconscious mind, your habits also change.  What habits do you find unhelpful and you want to change? You can do this.