Fear and panic are very harmful

Category: |  Date: June 30, 2021

Fear and panic are very harmful and here is my perspective. Fear and panic are a direct threat to your mental health and to your immune system. They are also unnecessary.

There are two sides of your brain, the left side if more logical and the right is more emotional. Your emotional side will always win because it removes you from danger. When you go into fear and panic mode you turn on your emotional brain and inhibit your ability to think logically.

So, let’s think about the current perceived danger. It’s a tiny, microscopic parasite called a virus. Basic biology says that for a virus to be “successful”, last a long time and to reproduce it needs to be very infectious and very mild.

The virus must be mild to be long lasting so that the people who are carrying it don’t really know they are sick, and they keep moving around in society and infecting lots more people. The cold, for example is a very successful virus and so is the flu.

It is not possible for a virus to be very successful and infectious and also deadly. When politicians and the press say this, they are showing ignorance of basic biology and common sense and simply whipping up fear.

Make a conscious effort to relax, turn off the panic and use your logical common-sense brain. Get vaccinated as soon as you can and let’s learn to live with this virus which is most probably going to be around for many years and behave like the flu.

If you are having problems calming down, turn off the endless press conferences, call me and/or book in for a consultation for help return you to your usual calm sensible self.