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And the reason is...

June 1, 2022
I turn 80 in a few days so why do I still work?  There is always a reason, and this is very simple.  It’s because I care deeply, both about smokers and about people who have suffered from trauma. I explained this to a smoker this week.  My father chain smoked a pipe most of […]
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I would love your help please

October 8, 2021
If I were to offer low-cost online support for people wanting help or just advice with mindset, personal and emotional issues, what do you want to ask for? Some things that come to mind are• anger,• joint pain• any pain• addictions• poor concentration• procrastination• flashbacks• poor sleep• withdrawing and/or becoming housebound• easily triggered• phobias• fear• […]
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Well that was a mistake... I got conned

October 6, 2021
I made a big mistake and it has frustrated people who told me it is harder to connect with me and specially to book a time than it used to be. I’m sorry and I’m doing my best to sort it out. Please bear with me. What happened is that towards the end of last […]
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When Margaret was suddenly widowed

September 30, 2021
When Margaret was suddenly widowed she was grieving and felt totally overwhelmed by running the successful winery that had always been her husband’s domain and being surrounded by wine. She became dependent on drinking for a short while because she found some 'me" time when she drank some of the wine she was surrounded by. […]
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Good grief… the difference is so important!

September 27, 2021
Unusually a client came in worried about hypnosis so I asked why. It turned out that she had Googled “side effects of hypnosis”. Oh dear what a collection of stuff occasionally happens if someone unqualified works with you. This is why you need to make sure you are seeing a fully trained hypnotherapist not just […]
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A busy accountant totally changed his life

September 26, 2021
Fred owns a busy accountancy practice with very efficient staff and a well run office. He however he was overwhelmed. He had was taking home his client’s problems leaving him feeling as though he was in a “vortex” or whiriling thoughts and worries. This is classic trauma. The only way he thought he could cope […]
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I freak out, waking up shouting ‘No!

September 24, 2021
This is the real problem a client came to me with. He had phoned and asked about getting help to quit, then decided he could do it himself ‘Things are different now from the last time when we spoke. I had actually quit smoking for the past six months (Since March 2021). I went cold […]
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Sue quit smoking then quit her lifetime of PTSD

September 18, 2021
When trauma happens the memory and the pain is held in all the cells of your body and until it is released that memory is never resolved. The stress and trauma is never over. Using hypnosis and a special step by step process I help clients to overcome those memories and let the pain and […]
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Why do people choose to quit smoking?

August 17, 2021
One reason almost everyone talks about is that they are sick of feeling like an outcast. And they hate hiding their smoking from their children. They worry about their children knowing they smoke, and they want to be around to watch their kids and grandkids grow up. More are worrying about the cost of smoking… […]
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Can your mind have more than one opinion at once?

July 26, 2021
The answer is a very clear yes. Anytime you have real trouble making the changes in habits that that you want to make, you have an argument going on inside. And your conscious mind often wants something quite different to what your unconscious mind has decided is right. Sometimes even your unconscious mind has can’t […]
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What is hypnosis?
It is a deeply relaxed, trance-like state where you are able to talk directly to your unconscious mind and make any changes that you want to make.
It is a wonderful state for enhanced learning. You have heightened focus.
What does hypnosis feel like?
You know that lovely half awake and half asleep state first thing in the morning. That is how you feel while in hypnosis.
Can you make me do stuff that I don’t want to do?
No. Your unconscious mind will always stop you from doing anything it considers harmful. The people you see in state hypnosis being idiots, actually like doing that. The hypnotist selects people he can see are going to cooperate and are happy to be the center of attention on stage.
Is it safe to drive home after hypnosis?
Yes. I do check you are fully awake before you go and have water you can drink if you need to. We chat for a while afterwards.
What does Escape from Anxiety involve?
I start by asking you what feelings you want to move from and what you want to move to. I also ask for a brief dot point list of traumatic things that have happened to you so that I can give you your success path or escape map. Then we do a deep relaxation and discovery of who you really are. We move on to develop a deeper understanding of why you have been hurt and controlled so that we can get rid of the harm and move on into the future that you design.
Do you get rid of the memories of trauma?
No, some things can’t be unseen and unheard, but you can let the pain go. You defeat the cause and in the process you become stronger and wiser.
How does weight-loss hypnosis work?
There are two main areas I focus on with you. The first is why you have developed the habits that caused you to put on and hold weight. This is often associated with trauma and we deal with that.
The other main focus is on changing your relationship with food and eating so that it becomes easy to choose healthy food and reject the harmful.
What about a virtual gastric band?
Some hypnotherapists use this for all weight loss clients, and I can if requested although I prefer to use a process I call “Learn to love your stomach” where you become more conscious of your stomach and its needs and size.
What about Quit Smoking? Is it really possible to quit in only one session?
Yes most people are able to quit in a single session and if you do need more help you can come back free. Over 600 people have successfully managed to quit in a single session and if you want to, you can as well.