Can your mind have more than one opinion at once?

Category: |  Date: July 26, 2021

The answer is a very clear yes. Anytime you have real trouble making the changes in habits that that you want to make, you have an argument going on inside. And your conscious mind often wants something quite different to what your unconscious mind has decided is right.

Sometimes even your unconscious mind has can’t agree with two parts disagreeing. No wonder that habit change is hard. We all have a ‘naughty” part of our unconscious mind who brings us unhelpful thoughts – I certainly do.

Our unconscious minds are like 3-5 year old children, very determined and single minded (each part is single minded). For some reason when you set up the habit, you convinced your unconscious mind that the habit was the best thing to keep you safe.

The “safety” at the time may have simply been belonging to a peer group and some years later that is no longer relevant so you need to have that discussion with your mind. Talking to yourself is very good!

The trick to changing a habit is to observe your thoughts and reject those that are not helpful and I can help with this. I can also help you to discover whether part of your mind is digging in and rejecting the change so that you can change this.

I’d love to hear back from you and give you more help if you want it.