Can you change your past?

Category: |  Date: May 19, 2021

If you can’t change your past or things that happened or were said, why waste any more time and energy thinking about it?

Accept it happened and treat it as a bad thought and let it go.

If it was something really bad you suffered enough at the time. Why would you choose to keep reliving it?

This is seriously life changing, so just practice for a few minutes every day.

You will get more control of your mind the more that you practice.

Think about accepting what is and let thoughts like worries, anxieties, bad memories just drift away

Don’t waste your precious time and energy on things from the past or future things that have not even happened.

A useful story

In a far off land, two monks left their monastery to go for a walk. There were some rules… they never spoke outside the monastery and they must never touch a woman.

After some time, they heard cries for help and saw a woman and small child stranded on rocks in the middle of a fast-rising river.

The older monk hitched up his robes and carried the child to safety and then carried the woman to the bank also.
When they got back to the monastery the young monk said “Master, what have you done? You carried the woman.” “Yes my son” said the Master “and I put her down a long time ago. You are still carrying her”

What are you still carrying?

Become aware of what you are carrying. It may be the past, it may be someone else’s problems, it may be something that hasn’t even happened and might never happen,

Nothing stands still – it either helps you or it hurts you and it is helpful to become aware of this.

Observe your thoughts and ask if each one is helping you or hurting you