Managing your mind... its yours so own it...

I’m working on building a membership to help people minimise stress by being able to understand and manage your mind.

You can change the way your brain works simply by using your mind differently.  “It’s not me… it‘s my brain and I can change it”.  My brain is a computer and it had been programed by other people. And also by stuff that has happened.

You need to live the life you choose – not what someone else programmed for you.

I‘ve got a lot of work to do here and the name is not yet fixed... if you have suggestions, let me know please.

Im suggesting a a monthly live webinar on zoom which will be recorded so it is available if the times are wrong and 2 weeks later a live Q&A session- also recorded.

I anticipate this new membership being released within the next very few weeks... Before the end of June.

Because I am still working on it and I want input from my members, the initial or foundation group will only be charged $9 per month.  That will be their price for as long as they continue.

The price will increase for later members but not for my foundation group.

I’d love feedback from you all please.  Requests for things that need to be included as well as titles

Also, the times of day and days of the week please. I’m currently thinking it may be a weekday lunchtime, but please give me your feedback.

My business is about helping people to manage their mind and overcome problems and we can do this in a group for a very low cost.  Yes, I do want to continue seeing clients one-to-one in my clinic and also to build and online group to help more people.

Bitter or better... you always have a choice about how you look at situations however bad they are.

Going over and over an issue in your mind makes it worse.  It builds more connections between your neurones, and it causes physical changes in your brain that makes the issue harmful.

The thing is that stress, anger, anxiety, depression and bitterness build up to make you ill. 

They are a bit like a balloon that goes on getting bigger over time as you blow in more until it bursts. And that “burst” causes actual harm to your body as it triggers autoimmune disease, allergies and cancer

Do you go back to normal after something big happens? Or a long-term collection of stresses? Does a balloon regain its original shape when you let it down?

Once you realise you are dwelling on the wrong thing, choose to change the way you are looking at it.

20 or so years ago I used to be a real worry wort.

My former husband told me that if I didn’t have something to worry about, I would worry about that, and he was right.

The thing that finally tipped me over the edge was a diagnosis of breast cancer and that is when I seriously looked for help.  I went back to my original training in neurophysiology, and I started retraining as a hypnotherapist. 

My life has totally changed and so have the lives of so many of my clients.

Getting rid of habits like dwelling on grievances, smoking, overeating, and even depression are “simply’ a matter of changing your mind. You can change your mind by how you talk to yourself, or I can help you using hypnosis.

Take it easy and focus on being kind to yourself.

How is your health? It’s worth being honest about it. So many of us are “out of sorts” and overwhelmed with the world not going back to whatever “normal” is meant to be. 

So much of our health is bound up in our mindset. Our mind and our body are very connected and changing our mind can have huge effects on our health.  Changing the way our memories affect our mindset also affects our health profoundly for many people.

When I reflect back over the 6 months or so before I had my Pfizer booster, I realise I was overwhelmed by a lot of both physical and emotional stuff, and I now think that this may well have exacerbated the over strong reaction I had to the vaccine. 

It’s important to understand that we can manage our stress levels, and this has a huge effect on our health.  Some of the illnesses that are increasingly common now is the wide variety of autoimmune diseases and I have had the attached video made to help you “get” this. 

It really helps us when we understand more about helping our bodies with immunity so as well as my original training which included immunology, I have just completed two extra courses about this topic including the very substantial “Psychotherapy of Immunity”.  These both focussed on how we can use out minds to help our bodies increase our immunity and prevent autoimmune problems.

As a side benefit, I have been using some of this additional training to add to the self-hypnosis I have already been doing where I am talking to my heart to help settle it down and this is certainly helping.

If you want to discuss this with me, please either call 1300 883646 or book an appointment for a free consultation.

Take it easy and be happy.  There is a strong and well-documented link between health and happiness.

We often forget how connected our body is to our mind. When we are unhappy, stress just builds up in us and we suffer a lack of ease... this leads to disease.

The last 2 years have been difficult and now we are bombarded on all the media by elections and a war in Ukraine.  We need to actively decide to chill out, take it easy (there’s that ease word again) and be happy.

In one study (I’m note sure about the ethics of this), scientists measured the happiness and positivity of a group of people, then squirted a measured dose of cold virus up each of their noses.  The same dose of virus for everyone but 3 times as many people in the not so happy group got sick.

Another study looked at a group of nuns who all had the same diet, exercise and lifestyle.  They all wrote an autobiographical essay when they entered the convent. Phycologists rated their essay for positivity and grouped them into 4 groups.  Of the happiest quarter, 90% were still alive at 85 while only 35% reached 85.  It is interesting.

That set me remembering that for most of my adult life I used to get lots of colds and flu and haven’t had many at all for the past 16 years or so. What was different? I was working in jobs I disliked, totally stressed in my marriage and still sorting that out. Then I got breast cancer, stopped in my tracks, and reassessed my life, went back to my roots in neurophysiology and studied hypnotherapy.

I am very happy these days, I love being able to help clients with problems and I am very healthy. Life is good. I’m even working on helping my body calm the heart damage I got from the Pfizer booster, I’m back in the gym twice a week and walking my very joyous little dog for longer distances again now.

If you do need help to get past blockages and perhaps even anger from the past. Come and see me, I can help if you let me. Book a free 20-minute consultation to find out how.

When times are uncertain, and they certainly are uncertain, and it is not surprising that increasing numbers or people and children as feeling stressed and anxious.

We still have Covid, more frequent but less scary, we have elections, and the news is full of floods, wars, Chinese aggression plus supply chains and prices are affecting our everyday lives. Masks hide our faces and make it harder to trust people. Masks are especially harmful to very young children. Oh well, this is just life in 2022, but...

... what if any, memories, emotions or feelings get triggered for you when watch or hear the news?

These memories are frequently at the core of anxiety, covid weight, increased drinking and of a lot of illness.  

Yes, it sounds so good to turn back time to 2019 and go back to ‘normal’. But was that time really so good?

Memory is such a strange thing.  Every situation is seen differently by everyone and every time you open a memory it changes a bit.

I remember being so glad 2019 finished and looked forward to 2020. How did that work for me? And I can’t even remember why I was glad to finish 2019. I do remember having more freedom.

Some memories, traumatic ones, are never catalogued and stored properly.  Instead, the pain, hurt or fear are held in the body and not even verbalised. This is the background to being triggered by something you may not even be able to remember clearly or at all.  

Most of my life I was anxious about low flying planes but had no idea why.  Then while I was living in F.N.Qld, I was taking my kids plus 2 others home from Kindy. The other kid’s uncle was crop dusting a nearby paddock, recognised my car and decided to give the kids a thrill and buzzed my car, very low. 

When he landed the plane nearby and came running back to see why my car was off the road, he found all the kids lying in the ditch with me on top of them shivering in fear. I had no idea what had happened.  I don’t remember stopping the car or getting there.

I rang my parents when I got home to be told that I couldn’t have remembered. Apparently when I was 18 months old, I was on the back of my father’s bike when a German plane buzzed the road firing a machine gun. Dad threw his bike in one direction while he grabbed me, lay on top of me in the ditch. No I don’t consciously remember but my body certainly remembered as I automatically protected those kids.

Memory is a funny thing.

That wasn’t what I meant to talk about, but it is a good example of how things can trigger especially when things are as uncertain as now.

It’s not surprising that watching or hearing the news can trigger memories, emotions or feelings in some of you and this is at the core of anxiety, covid weight, increased drinking and of a lot of illness. Hypnosis can help defuse these past issues, even the ones you don’t really remember.  It’s very safe and enjoyable and you are in charge all the time. 

So, what do I mean... the problem is not the problem?  Look further...

There are three common problems that I work with:

  • The problem is smoking – NO the problem is why you can’t stop. It’s a habit, just behaviour.  It is not an addiction.
  • The problem is excess weight- NO the problem is what triggered you to put it on and how to fix that.
  • The problem is anxiety – NO the problem is what was or were the events or traumas that triggered that initial fear that first triggered the anxiety and left you on alert.

The solution is helping you to change your unconscious mind so that the past event events no longer trigger the problem. 

In some cases, this can be like peeling back layers of a huge onion as events piled onto events as you went through your life.

What is certain is that while I can help you defuse events, to solve your problem, I cannot provide the hand of God to snatch food or cigarettes as you put them into your mouth... that’s your job, I just make it easy.

Some things are an easy quick fix and smoking usually is because it is a habit that can be got rid of.  Nicotine is not addictive... only for a maximum of 2 hours. I’ve helped hundreds of people to Quit in only one session. If you need to come back for a second session, this is free, and it is very rare because the one session works for almost everyone.

We all recognise that some people react to an event or a trauma more than others. These are usually people who have previously been traumatised and the memories are stored in their bodies leaving them permanently “on alert”.

Traumas take more work; they certainly can be defused, and you gain a greater understanding of why and how to manage in future.

I had complex PTSD for most of my life starting with my first three years under German bombing raids in WW2. Then more layers went on top. The changes in my life since I learned how to defuse all those triggers are wonderful. 

It has been an ongoing unravelling of the layers I have built up around my vulnerable inner self leading to me now being very happy and peaceful. This is what I love to share with those who need it.  

We should all take the time out to reflect on Ash Barty’s attitude to life. 

She calmly focused and achieved her goals.

No tantrums, no sense of entitlement, what a joy to have had her in our lives.

She is so grounded and when she had finished achieving her personal goal, she was able to gracefully step off the grindstone to choose what she wants next in her life.

The big thing Ash has shown us in retiring when she wanted to, is how to the live our own life... not the life others chose for us. Take time and reflect on that.

Sure, we would all love it if she continued entertaining us and she would have made a lot of money but that is not her choice.

Do you live a life that you chose?  I do now and I am very happy although that was not always the case.

My father decided I was going to be a teacher and at the end of Year 10 signed me up on a bonded scholarship that I couldn’t get out of.  I always knew I did not want to teach but once I became a single parent of 3 young kids under the age of 7, I was stuck until they were old enough to allow me choices.

I chose to become a hypnotherapist in my 60s and love the job.  It doesn’t make much money but when clients leave with a huge smile on the faces, or new clients arrive telling me their friend sent me because “I saved her life”, I figure I am in the right place, doing the right thing.

So back to my question... Do you live the life that you chose?  That can be hard to do for some of us because our unconscious mind keeps us automatically living the life we were taught to live, someone else’s choice.

It’s a joy to see someone who is so together and able to do her own thing and make her own choices. It’s never too late to reflect on this.

Around three quarters of my clients come to me complaining about stress.  You and I alike all come across stress in our lives so the issue is – how do you handle it?

One major cause of stress is feeling out of control. Generally we don’t like that.  This may be bullying, too much work, too much noise, a continually ringing phone, lack of sleep, a job you dislike, an accident or even an assault.

Stop and think about what can be done to reduce your stress or change your situation and make the change if this is possible. There has been a lot of external control over the last two years.

If it is not possible to change things, at least in the short term, ask yourself whether you can reframe the way you think and the things you say to yourself so that you can cope until change becomes possible. 

Look critically at whether you procrastinate because getting things completed or finishing faster may let you reduce your stress.

Observe your mind chatter to see whether you are bullying yourself, abusing yourself if you make a mistake.  Would you speak to your best friend the way you speak to yourself?

In some people this day-to-day stress may be on top of something that happened many years ago but is still very current in your mind.  If you have regular thoughts running over and over in your mind and/or nightmares this is a real indication that you need help.

Self-medicating with alcohol or drugs does not remove the problem, nor do antidepressants.  There is a very gentle, rapid and extremely effective hypnotic process that lets you pull the fuse out of the stress, know it is over and return to calm.

If you let the high stress levels continue, you will become ill because when your body cannot fight back against the situation, it fights itself.

If you are coping with long term stress caused by a traumatic event or events or continual high levels of stress, then please come and get help.  It truly transforms people and can also transform your life!

Life can be, and often is crazy.  It certainly is at present.

After the last two years of Covid we took a collective deep breath and looked forward to 2022... Humm, how did that work out?  We got massive floods in eastern Australia and now a war in Europe! Plus a lot of people we all know and love have died. We can never eliminate risk, but there are some risks we can reduce. 

I am not being insensitive but when I think of Shane Warne, still young and possessed of amazing energy, skill and charisma being a heavy smoker...  lost now because of the risk of smoking.  What a dreadful loss he is.

My father was also a heavy smoker for most of his life.  He had a heart attack in his 30s, kept smoking until just over 60 when he finally quit. Then he died of a massive heart attack at just over 70.

Floods are another dreadful risk when people build on low lying land.  I remember living in in far North Qld in 1967 and being completely flood bound about 50cms above a still rising creek that had swelled to about half a km wide and many metres above its normal level.  We had no power; the phone lines did not exist.  The only road out was closed. Trees were falling around us all night. We had over a metre of rain in one day. That was a different experience.

I had a 6-day old baby.  When we were able to get into town, the approaches on both sides of the river had washed away and I had to walk a plank above a raging torrent, holding onto a rope in one hand and my baby in the other to get to the hospital for some medical treatment.

Sudden changes in world politics muck up our budgets, especially for those either running or working in small and medium businesses.  The same applies to those affected by floods and fires.  It’s wonderful to see so many people hoeing in to help each other.

There are so many risks, and we are not clear of viruses yet.

We just need to keep assessing risks.  We need to weigh up both the likelihood and the consequence of what we do and where we live.  I am so grateful that I live in Adelaide now and I have family nearby.

If you are a smoker, perhaps it’s time to think about Shane Warne.  I’m adding a direct link below if you are thinking about quitting. Plus, in memory of Shane, I am giving a $200 discount to anyone who books this week or next.

There is always a reason and sometimes it is a surprise. The reason I have been quiet over the last 3 months was certainly a surprise to me.

I had my booster jab, Pfizer at the end of November and was badly affected. It triggered a problem with my heart, and I have spent 3 months lightheaded and often gasping for breath with highly irregular ventricle beats... Not at all my usual energetic self.

Yes, I have been able to continue doing hypnosis effectively but not getting out and about much. Right now, if you can help me, I’d love more clients. Referrals are wonderful. I have now had numerous cardiology appointments and understand the problem and how to manage it.

I am recovering to a fair extent and getting my mojo back. The dog is getting short daily walks which were intermittent for a while, and throughout I went to my personal trainer to keep up my muscle strength.

So many of us have been affected in one way or another by the pandemic and now we need to get back into the life that we choose to lead.

I do not like writing about me.  My usual focus is how I can help others but sometimes we all need to ask for help.

All the things that happen to us can add to our wisdom if we let it. Living a long and complicated life has certainly given me huge insights into other people’s problems and how to help them overcome them.