Making sense of uncertainty

If we don’t make sense of uncertainty our lives become increasingly stressful, which is why anxiety and other mental health issues are increasingly common.

While life is and always has been uncertain, the virus has increased the uncertainty in our lives and it has brought with it so many extra controls and imposed changes which most humans do not like. We have been very lucky in South Australia, but we have certainly felt the impact in many ways.

We had to hire a venue for my grandson's 18th party, even with only family because our family is too big to host at home... just one extra cost and last minute change. I'm not going to my niece's wedding this weekend in NSW because of the uncertainty of getting home with two animals to care for and a business to run.  It's all just the way it is now.

Personally I find wearing a mask difficult, partly because it definitely decreases my breathing and also because it is very alienating. It is very difficult to build trust when facial expressions are covered. I find the disposable paper-like masks easier to breathe in than the cloth ones.

I have concerns about the social development of small children when facial expressions are masked. This is important but does not appear to be considered by the powers that be.

Small businesses are facing dreadful financial pressure with ongoing uncertainty.  In my opinion getting back to living normally with the virus but also high levels of vaccination seems sensible. Let’s hope so. 

I’m off to get my booster jab in a few minutes. This makes sense because I want to keep doing the work that I know helps so many people. I would also like to have more people using my online options because, as my kids keep reminding me, I am in a vulnerable age group.  Vaccination decreases the severity of the illness if we get it.

My choice is to live my life, keep as healthy as possible and keep my mind active.  My dog insists on keeping my body active. I am required to walk every day, regardless of weather. I also see a personal trainer every week, do strength exercises at home and eat well. 

So what are YOU doing to include certainty in your life?

Each in our own way we need to make sense of uncertainty because it is here to stay.  Life has always been uncertain, there are just more controls and publicity about it.

I’m attaching a relaxation recording for you to download, save, and take time to enjoy it as often as you want.

P.S. The cat is grumpy this week because she likes to sit on my desk beside me while I am working on my computer (she hides when I have clients).  Now I am not doing daily videos and newsletters she is unhappy and letting me know.

The thing is that anxiety and so many of our mental health issues are about our memories... those memories that make us anxious, those memories that rush into your mind when you are trying to sleep, those memories that were so overwhelming that you did not process them properly and they remain live, and are often triggered so we re-live them again and again.

What I do is to help you deal with those memories in your imagination and in a dreamlike state so that they stop being something to be anxious about.  It is gentle and save without retraumatising you. Why would you go on suffering?

All these daily emails and videos have me SO outside my comfort zone, but I genuinely believe Escape from Anxiety is something that will help so many people.  I believe I have a responsibility to share what I learned the slow and painful way. It closes at 5pm!

For those who have missed out and want to go back and learn more about Escape from Anxiety, I have posted all of these on my blog.

Please donʼt “yeah, but”. For some people, their gut instinct is to respond to every idea with “yeah, but that wonʼt work for XYZ reasons.” Don’t be that person. Take in the ideas without being defensive. You may even disagree with some things I say, but remember, there’s a reason it’s being shared with you.  There is a step-by-step process that works...  simply stick to the process.

Just take the plunge and get started.  If you do work right through Module 1 and change your mind, call or email me to talk about it and if it really doesn’t suit, you can cancel out.

The thing is that anxiety and so many of our mental health issues are about our memories... those memories that make us anxious, those memories that were so overwhelming that we did not process them properly and they remain live, are often triggered so we re-live them again and again.

I’m reposting the video below because it really explains why I do this

It's time to escape from Anxiety

Escape from Anxiety teaches you how to change the way you think and act in your everyday life through supported self-hypnosis. You will feel safe and secure while successfully refocusing your thoughts. If you suffer from anxiety, why go on suffering?
Sign up now and allow this program to change your life now and into the future.
The symptoms of anxiety are:
The Need to Perfect and Control Every Situation
Stressed, Overwhelmed,
Frantic and Constant BusinessProcrastination - Putting off Your Responsibilities
Unfinished Projects Left Hanging
Social Withdrawal - Avoiding Situations and Events That Would Normally Be Enjoyed
Snappy and Irritable Behaviour... or even Angry Outbursts
Hypervigilance - Constant Fear of The Worst and Overthinking of Every Situation
Poor Quality of Sleep
Joint pain and so often
Weight Gain – protective insulation.
Oh dear... why go on living like that?I know this works...
I know it helps... and even more - it transforms!
I made sure that this is on a platform that works really well on a mobile phone as well as on a tablet or computer.  Zoom calls have certainly made me aware that over half my clients use their phone  and don't own a computer that this is important.
When you watch the video below, you will join me on a tour of the Escape from Anxiety program, and I will also explain the difference between this and the VIP Escape from Anxiety.
This program is incredible value money wise... only $46.90 per month or less than $12 per week, the cost of a coffee and a bun and better for you.  
But the real value is your transformation! You escape from all those horrid symptoms of anxiety.  
You get your life back, the life you were meant to lead.
You are no longer controlled by the various unconscious beliefs that other people gave you as you grew up. 
You get to choose your life... how truly exciting!

Today I have opened my shopping cart for those who want to escape from Anxiety.

Please watch the video for more information about why this is such a help and the extra bonuses I have added for this week only.

Until 5pm on Friday 26th November there is a 30% discount on both the Escape from Anxiety Course and the VIP Escape from Anxiety.

VIP Escape from Anxiety includes 2 one-on-one sessions with me either in clinic or on zoom.

The huge value in this is the change you find in your life. It’s a real transformation when you are able to understand how to re-write your unconscious beliefs so that you can live the life that you want to live.

Just trust the process because it works.

I am doing an Orientation call on Zoom on Saturday 17th for all new members and this will be recorded.

Now watch the video then follow the links to my web page and to the shopping cart.

Tomorrow and over the next few days I will show you the course and now if you go to the cart link site, without buying you can view a muted version of all the modules.

Take care of misinformation. The world today has tricked everyone into thinking that coping equals healing but it doesn’t! I certainly learned this from painful personal experience.

Coping only gives a false sense of security. It feels as though you’re fixing things, but in the long-term symptoms only intensify and eat you from the inside out. Why? Because the root cause of the problem is that the traumatic memories are held throughout your body, you are probably hypervigilant... always unconsciously on the lookout for danger, and the coping skills just sooth the symptoms.

Are coping skills bad? Not at all, but to heal anxiety and PTSD, the root cause MUST be healed! People who are just coping are merely getting by... day after day.  It does help enormously to focus on positive things because what you focus on grows more connections in your brain. So yes... focus on what you want.  Part 2 of my eBook (below) teaches how to do this.

The problem is that the memory of the trauma is held in your body and to fully recover from this you MUST have a proven method to reliably process the root cause of symptoms and not just cope with them.

Today I am sharing my eBook with you giving you two things... the 3 vital steps that I used to cure my PTSD and in the second part of the eBook there are some practical practices to calm and cope with everyday anxiety and stress.

Oops.... the video is at the bottom of the page! sorry

Tomorrow morning, I will open the shopping cart with special discounts for people who want to “Escape from Anxiety”.  This course works and because you pay over 10 months it costs less than a weekly cup of coffee and a bun, while giving you the ability to transform your life.

I teach you the three steps that transformed my life and also the lives of so many of my clients.  Clients like Mary who was half carried in by her mother. She had been bed ridden for 3 years in extreme pain after shocking mental and physical abuse by a partner.

After the first session with me she said “I think I can stand up now, I feel strong” then she stood and walked out to her mother in my waiting room. After the second session, she danced around the room.  Shortly after she was able to come off her pain killers, with her doctor’s advice and she resumed a normal working life.

Back to the course... I’m including a course on self-hypnosis worth $500 to help you even more and I am offering both the normal plus a VIP version where I build in 2 one-on-one sessions with me either in clinic or on zoom for a greatly discounted cost... More about this tomorrow.

If you would like a PDF of the ebook, please send me an email request.  For some extraordinary reason the email program I use will not allow me to attach PDFs.  Go figure that one?!

I do realise that some of you are asking what the heck with all extra videos and emails?  I feel obliged to talk about how people and especially those who were abused as kids can easily escape from anxiety.

The thing is that I see the amazing change, no... transformation in   clients who come to me asking for help with all the dreadful symptoms of anxiety. These include the stress and worry, the angry outbursts, flashbacks, lack of sleep, joint pain, addictions and so often weight gain.

The thing is that traumatic memories and chronic stress can be so overwhelming that the brain does not process and store them properly.  Instead, all this overwhelm is held in your body and it is very harmful. 

So back to my opening question - what the heck with all extra videos and emails?

Well it is wrong if I don’t share this help with more people. Now that I have developed a course called Escape from Anxiety to allow larger numbers of people to access this help, I need to let people know that you can get help to change your unconscious mind and also change your health, your feelings and your future.  It is a duty really, not just a need,

This is literally life changing. So why would you live with more months and years of frustration and pain because you don’t sort this out.

The emotional pain that is held in the body often becomes physical pain and causes dis-ease.  This pain is felt, not verbalised which is why it surfaces as anger, anxiety etc. In my case it also caused years of allergies and eventually breast cancer.

I do work differently to the normal medical model because I do NOT do cognitive therapy. I do not take people repeatedly back into their trauma and pain.  That is cruel and unnecessary because using hypnotherapy and the special process that I used to heal my own unconscious mind you can overcome the “dreadful” without consciously revisiting it.

This allows people to become the stronger and wiser people they were meant to be.

The courses offer more people access this help and have a low-cost solution where you can pay a small amount over 10 months, and you can work at your own pace.

The course is about understanding why and how the anxiety happened and your process for sorting it out.

I’m including a video about the transformation of abused children.  When I hear beautiful young adults like Grace Tame, The Australian of the Year, being so very angry, I really feel for her.  That poor girl is still holding all that pain in her body as anger.  She is right to be using it to raise awareness of the problem, but it would be much more powerful if she was raising the awareness from a calm and happy healed place.

Next week I will reopen the shopping cart to my course with some special discounts for a short time.

I’m outside my comfort zone!  I started my business to help people and selling and marketing make me uncomfortable.

BUT... I can’t help people who don’t know what I am doing or offering.

So here goes.

I am promoting my special online course ‘Escape from Anxiety” and there is a video below explaining this some more and I will send more over the next few days.

Over the next week to 10 days, because I am promoting my online course, I will send a few extra emails with videos embedded.  Please forward them to others who may from them helpful.

Yes, I need to sell to make a living but remember my main purpose is to be helpful.

South Australia is opening its borders and with thousands of people in the eastern states being positive to covid we are bound to have cases here. As an older person I do need to take care while I continue to run my business and specially to help people who suffer from anxiety.

I’ve made some changes. Please only book online if you are not fully vaccinated, we can use zoom. I don't like mandatory vaccination, but I have promised my daughters that I will ask unvaccinated people to use zoom, which does work very effectively so long as you wear headphones and if you are using a Phone, please anchor it so that it doesn't fall off your lap leaving my hypnotising the ceiling

Jim was a very athletic man who played a lot of sport and ran every day for fitness. One day he vomited before a basketball match. After that he started vomiting before all exercise, every run and every basketball match.  He’d had lots of medical tests and there was no reason for this. He was told it was psychosomatic.

When we discussed this, he remembered that he had been ill around the time of the basketball finals, and he thought that was when it started.

Hypnotherapy convinced his unconscious mind that he no longer needed to vomit before exercise and although he consciously worried about it, next time he ran, he did not vomit.  Same thing for the next basketball match.  The vomiting was just a habit.

The fact is that your unconscious mind is 90+% of your mind and it is the boss, so when you change your unconscious mind, your habits also change.  What habits do you find unhelpful and you want to change? You can do this.  

My work and my motivation is about helping people... not about me but...

... Over the past year lots of people have been contacting me frustrated by the booking process on my website. I know the help I give people who are anxious, depressed, angry or frustrated is needed more than ever since Covid arrived so it was time to fix my web problem.

When I updated the website a year ago, I liked the simplicity of the 3 heads for the three areas of work, but the site didn’t work for clients trying to navigate nor for me wanting to make changes.

Have you ever felt that no matter how hard you try or struggle, nothing good ever happens for you?  The whole Covid plus Website sagas have felt like that for me. I realised I was beginning to get into the habit of frustration, so I bit the bullet and decided to get another entirely new website... check it out here.  This took 3 months to build so I am pushing it now. 

Back to the habit of frustration, and it is a habit that you can break.  There will always be “stuff” that happens and disharmony all around, but your job is to stop letting it get into a negative thought loop.

In past years, before I sorted out and healed my PTSD, I used to feel like Bruce Willis in Die Hard. Everything always went wrong.  That was then. I realised it was all in my head and I was able to sort it out and live the happy and effective life that I live now.

This thing is to think clearly and very honestly about where you are now, why you are frustrated.  Then its time to work out why and how these mindsets and unconscious beliefs happened so that you can change them.

This is essentially how I work with clients. Whether it is frustration, grief, depression, anxiety or addiction, the process is essentially the same. 

My aim is to provide lots of helpful information free to help people who struggle as I used to. For those who want my paid help, yes please, just book in and ask.

We all have an inbuilt attention grabbing part of our brain to protect us as do all animals. We need to have an alarm system to warn us of danger but in our modern life, the major alarm we need when we are sitting at our desks working is to get up and move more often.

I turn outlook and other reminders off for an hour or so when I am working unless I need to make an appointment on time. I make a list of what needs to be done then work through it. I love crossing done things off. This is my response to all the modern distractions vs my need to get things done. I aim to get up and move every hour.
All my life my mind has wandered off when I needed to pay attention. I learned early that if I sit in the back of a room I simply don’t pay real attention and I disappear into my own mind.

When I was in secondary school there was a system where we had a monthly mark reading then everyone moved desks and sat in mark order, so top of the class sat in the back row and the failures and near failures were in the front. As someone who was shortsighted, slightly deaf and very distractible I went from the back row to the front row and back each month. They never changed the system to suit… I was just deemed to be lazy.

My youngest daughter was similar, also short sighted and deaf in 1 ear, and I remember unsuccessfully arguing with her teacher to let him know that she was not the “very average” child he had assessed her to be. She drifted through school until about 2 months before the end of year 12 when she started to do some work and got the 5 As she wanted to get her into Medical School. We are currently all hoping for a similar miracle for my grandson who is in year 12.
The other side of the coin is that people who have suffered trauma are more distractable than the rest of the population. It is called hypervigilance.

Mindfulness training and meditation can be wonderful for many people but are dangerous for those who have had serious trauma because their nervous systems need to be constantly watching for danger.

Our high levels of community anxiety mean that a significant number of people are hypervigilant. This can be treated although meditation is not the universal answer.

I work with trauma because I personally know the incredible difference that proper treatment gives. I had PTSD from my earliest days that was worsened by 3 abusive marriages. My life was transformed, and I love helping others to discover this wonderful change.

To learn more, book a time for a complimentary discovery consultation.