Ash Barty - what a beacon of sanity!

Category: |  Date: March 25, 2022

We should all take the time out to reflect on Ash Barty’s attitude to life. 

She calmly focused and achieved her goals.

No tantrums, no sense of entitlement, what a joy to have had her in our lives.

She is so grounded and when she had finished achieving her personal goal, she was able to gracefully step off the grindstone to choose what she wants next in her life.

The big thing Ash has shown us in retiring when she wanted to, is how to the live our own life... not the life others chose for us. Take time and reflect on that.

Sure, we would all love it if she continued entertaining us and she would have made a lot of money but that is not her choice.

Do you live a life that you chose?  I do now and I am very happy although that was not always the case.

My father decided I was going to be a teacher and at the end of Year 10 signed me up on a bonded scholarship that I couldn’t get out of.  I always knew I did not want to teach but once I became a single parent of 3 young kids under the age of 7, I was stuck until they were old enough to allow me choices.

I chose to become a hypnotherapist in my 60s and love the job.  It doesn’t make much money but when clients leave with a huge smile on the faces, or new clients arrive telling me their friend sent me because “I saved her life”, I figure I am in the right place, doing the right thing.

So back to my question... Do you live the life that you chose?  That can be hard to do for some of us because our unconscious mind keeps us automatically living the life we were taught to live, someone else’s choice.

It’s a joy to see someone who is so together and able to do her own thing and make her own choices. It’s never too late to reflect on this.