Are we what we eat… or what we think /

Category: |  Date: March 23, 2021

How do our thoughts affect our weight? I think most of us have discovered that weight management is much more complex than just energy in and energy out. Our minds have a huge influence.

We evolved living a much simpler life where our major threats were cold and starvation. Especially for women it was important to store fat so that babies could be fed and our species survive.

When our mind believes that we are under some sort of threat it responds by either insulating us (most common), or preparing us to run to safety.

If we diet, our unconscious mind minds and our bodies believe we are starving so when the diet finishes, we put on even more weight to protect us. That’s why we have the yo-yo effect of diets.

90% of our mind is unconscious and it is definitely the boss! It is not possible to lose weight long term when the unconscious mind rejects it.

Obesity is usually a response by the unconscious mind to insulate and protect the person from problems like stress and anxiety usually caused by bullying, abuse, rejection, domestic or family violence, a sudden accident or similar.

The trick is finding when the problems started and what else was happening then and clearing this. Then the diet and exercise can be effective and I refer people to a colleague, who is a personal trainer or a nutrition expert. Of course if you already go to a trainer or naturopath, I can collaborate with them

Clearing the real reason for the anxiety must involve the unconscious mind and that is best done with a very special hypnotic process. This is very effective and remarkably. You can be free of anxiety in less than 1 month and then losing your excess weight is much easier.

The more traditional approach to relieving anxiety use cognitive behavioural therapy which only involves the conscious logical mind, can re-traumatise the person and is much less effective and much, much slower.