Anxiety, stress and anger are like poison for your body

Category: |  Date: March 19, 2021

Anxiety, stress and anger are like poison for your body. When you are stressed every cell in your body is stressed and your cells do not thrive and stay healthy under those conditions.

When your body is stressed it wants to turn on whatever has upset it and if this is not possible your body turns on itself, causing illnesses like autoimmune disease and cancer.

Some things that happen to people either as children or as adults result in them always being more stressed than others and more reactive to situations so that they cling to their comfort which may be smoking, alcohol becoming unable to go out easily or some other response to relieve their stress.

The important thing is to get rid of that stress by “defusing” the situation/s that caused it and this can be done very safely and easily with hypnosis. The process is life changing. The way people transform is wonderful.

There are things that block smokers from quitting and while some can quit cold turkey relatively easily, others find it extremely difficult.

The trick is to sort out why. What part of your mind needs to cling to smoking? Often it is about coping with stress so we need to sort out how to reduce that and get you back to calm.