And the reason is...

Category: |  Date: June 1, 2022

I turn 80 in a few days so why do I still work? 

There is always a reason, and this is very simple.  It’s because I care deeply, both about smokers and about people who have suffered from trauma. I explained this to a smoker this week. 

My father chain smoked a pipe most of his life, then cigarettes.  Always indoors.  I had almost constant asthma as a child, in fact for most of my life because I am highly allergic to tobacco smoke.

Eventually I told my father he could not smoke in my house.  He had damaged my lungs and I was not letting this happen to my kids.  As he refused to stop so I grabbed his collar and frog marched him out and slammed the door. Mum was nearly hysterical because she was going to need to be in the car with him very angry all the way to McLaren Vale.

I didn’t hear from them for 2 weeks and when he came back, he had quit cold turkey, but it was not soon enough.  He died at 71 of a massive heart attack.

My first and second husbands both smoked... indoors, in the car etc. My first husband now has dreadful emphysema, and my kids get in a panic because he nearly dies. What a silly waste.

I also lost my best friend to smoking, she had quit with my help but not soon enough and the bushfire smoke in the hills killed her.

Why, why, why?

I have helped around 700 people to quit with hypnosis so please, if you are a smoker, just stop, care for your health, and save your family and friends from all the grief of either losing you or coping with your debilitating health.

This is the reason I still help people to quit smoking.

Here is the link to book a quit smoking appointment.