People Need to Escape from Anxiety

Category: |  Date: November 18, 2021

I do realise that some of you are asking what the heck with all extra videos and emails?  I feel obliged to talk about how people and especially those who were abused as kids can easily escape from anxiety.

The thing is that I see the amazing change, no... transformation in   clients who come to me asking for help with all the dreadful symptoms of anxiety. These include the stress and worry, the angry outbursts, flashbacks, lack of sleep, joint pain, addictions and so often weight gain.

The thing is that traumatic memories and chronic stress can be so overwhelming that the brain does not process and store them properly.  Instead, all this overwhelm is held in your body and it is very harmful. 

So back to my opening question - what the heck with all extra videos and emails?

Well it is wrong if I don’t share this help with more people. Now that I have developed a course called Escape from Anxiety to allow larger numbers of people to access this help, I need to let people know that you can get help to change your unconscious mind and also change your health, your feelings and your future.  It is a duty really, not just a need,

This is literally life changing. So why would you live with more months and years of frustration and pain because you don’t sort this out.

The emotional pain that is held in the body often becomes physical pain and causes dis-ease.  This pain is felt, not verbalised which is why it surfaces as anger, anxiety etc. In my case it also caused years of allergies and eventually breast cancer.

I do work differently to the normal medical model because I do NOT do cognitive therapy. I do not take people repeatedly back into their trauma and pain.  That is cruel and unnecessary because using hypnotherapy and the special process that I used to heal my own unconscious mind you can overcome the “dreadful” without consciously revisiting it.

This allows people to become the stronger and wiser people they were meant to be.

The courses offer more people access this help and have a low-cost solution where you can pay a small amount over 10 months, and you can work at your own pace.

The course is about understanding why and how the anxiety happened and your process for sorting it out.

I’m including a video about the transformation of abused children.  When I hear beautiful young adults like Grace Tame, The Australian of the Year, being so very angry, I really feel for her.  That poor girl is still holding all that pain in her body as anger.  She is right to be using it to raise awareness of the problem, but it would be much more powerful if she was raising the awareness from a calm and happy healed place.

Next week I will reopen the shopping cart to my course with some special discounts for a short time.